Rev Up for the ARCA Menards Series at Elko Speedway

The roar of engines and the scent of burning rubber signal another exhilarating ARCA Menards Series season as it gears up for the much-anticipated motorsports event at Elko Speedway. The storied track is preparing to welcome back both die-hard fans and newcomers on June 24 for an unforgettable night of stock car racing with the Menards 250 Presented by Starkey. Offering spectators the chance to snag discounted general admission tickets at designated Minneapolis/St. Paul area Menards stores, this racing event promises to be accessible, as much as it is thrilling.

Last season’s spectacle saw Sammy Smith dominating the race for 233 laps, while this year, local rising star William Sawalich leads the pack into the ARCA Menards Series East standings with two wins under his belt in 2023. For those unable to attend in person, ARCA offers live timing & scoring through Follow the rubber to Elko Speedway for an entire day of high-speed action, from practice runs and qualifying heats to the main event capped off with an engaging autograph session with the drivers.

Create an action-packed image of the Arca Menards Series race at Elko Speedway. Show multiple cars speeding around the track, kicking up dirt and debris. Capture the energy and excitement of the race with dynamic angles and bold colors. Add in some cheering fans in the background to show the intensity of the event.

Previewing the Thrills of Race Advance Elko Speedway

With engines revving and tires screeching, the annual race advance at Elko Speedway is every bit an adrenaline-charged precursor to one of motorsports’ most intensely followed events. The track’s rich legacy of high-octane action sets the scene for this year’s showdown.

History of Excitement at Elko Speedway

Racing at Elko Speedway has consistently provided fans with gripping contests and left an indelible mark in the history of the sport. The track has crowned champions like Sammy Smith, catapulting them into the limelight and solidifying the venue’s reputation as a crucible of racing talent.

What to Expect from the Menards 250 Presented by Starkey

In this year’s chapter at the venerable 0.375-mile bullring, the Menards 250 Presented by Starkey promises to uphold the tradition of intense competition and heart-stopping moments. Anchoring the 20-race ARCA Menards Series, the event at Elko Speedway stands out as a testament to the skill and spirit of the drivers.

Local Prodigy William Sawalich to Watch

Among the talents to keep an eye on is William Sawalich from Eden Prairie. With a spectacular season already on his racing resume, Sawalich is poised to be a showstopper, commanding attention at every turn of the track.

Practice and Qualifying: Setting the Stage

The crescendo to the race begins with crucial practice sessions, allowing drivers to hone their skills and strategies. The intensity builds through the General Tire Pole Qualifying, a showcase of precision and pace that sets the grid for the much-anticipated main event.

Practice SessionsMorningDrivers acclimate to the track’s idiosyncrasies.
General Tire Pole QualifyingAfternoonDetermines the starting order for the race.
Menards 250 Presented by StarkeyEveningThe culmination of the day’s racing activities.

Bearing witness to the zenith of racing at Elko Speedway, fanatics of the sport are eager with anticipation. The Elko Speedway Race Advance heralds the compelling stories that will unfold — the victories, the near misses, and the glory that waits at the checkered flag.

Race Advance Elko Speedway: Notable Drivers and Their Histories

Elko Speedway’s reputation for short track racing thrills is due in large part to its impressive roster of top-tier drivers who have competed on this storied 0.375-mile bullring. Over the years, race Advance Elko Speedway has been graced by talents who have gone on to shine in higher echelons of motorsport, while others remain celebrated figures in the ARCA Menards Series annals. As you secure your Elko Speedway race tickets for the upcoming event, here’s a glimpse into the histories of these notable drivers:

DriverARCA Wins at ElkoSubsequent Series
Brennan Poole1NASCAR Xfinity Series
Frank KimmelMultipleARCA Menards Series (Retired, 10-time Champion)
Grant Enfinger1NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Austin Theriault1Various (2017 Series Champion)
Gus Dean1Various Series
Chandler Smith1NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Corey Heim1NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Legends like Frank Kimmel encapsulate what it means to be a champion at Elko Speedway, with his ten ARCA Menards Series titles. Brennan Poole illustrates the path from success at Elko to the top national series like NASCAR. Moreover, Grant Enfinger and Austin Theriault’s continued presence in prestigious racing circuits showcases the caliber of competition at our local track. Gus Dean, Chandler Smith, and Corey Heim all propelled their careers forward after moments of glory at Elko Speedway. Their histories with the track continue to inspire up-and-coming drivers aiming for victory.

Elko Speedway: where legends are born and the stars of tomorrow earn their stripes.

  • Elko Speedway serves as a pivotal battleground for drivers to hone their racing skills before advancing to national series.
  • Race Advance Elko Speedway offers fans a chance to witness the growth of future motorsport stars.
  • The purchase of Elko Speedway race tickets is more than just an event; it’s an investment in the sport’s heritage and future.

Getting the Full Experience: Elko Speedway Race Day Activities and Fan Opportunities

Elko Speedway is not just about the exhilaration of motorsports events; it’s an immersive race day experience designed with the enthusiast in mind. From the roar of stock cars to the unique personal interactions with top drivers, your visit to Elko Speedway is set to be unforgettable. By securing your race tickets early through discounted advance options at Menards stores, you’re guaranteeing yourself not just a seat, but an outstanding day at the races catered to fans of all ages.

Affordable Access: Discounted Advance Tickets at Menards Stores

Attending an ARCA Menards Series race is now more accessible than ever, thanks to a partnership with Menards that allows for the purchase of discounted tickets ahead of the event. This initiative not only encourages more fans to join the thrill of the Elko Speedway racing event but also promotes an advanced commitment to an entire day of high-speed action and family-friendly entertainment. Ensure you avail of these offers to experience every thrilling moment that the race day schedule has to offer.

Meet the Drivers: The Autograph Session

The race day experience is intensified with personal moments like the scheduled autograph session at 6:45 pm CT. Here’s your chance to get up-close and personal with the heroes of the track, hear their stories, and maybe snag a keepsake signed by the racers themselves. It’s opportunities like this that transform a regular event into a cherished memory, bridging the gap between the stands and the speedway.

Under the Lights: The Menards 250 Schedule

As the sun sets, the excitement at Elko Speedway reaches its peak with the Menards 250 race commencing under the stadium lights. This spectacular event is the headline of a full day soaked in speed and competition, following the buildup that includes nail-biting practice sessions and the General Tire Pole Qualifying. Race aficionados are in for an edge-of-the-seat evening as drivers compete on the storied short track, displaying skill, speed, and sheer determination.

The ARCA Menards Series Full Day of On-Track Activity

Alongside the main event, the ARCA Menards Series guarantees a bustling day of on-track activity from the break of dawn till dusk. The finely-tuned engines and race strategies all come together to form a symphony of motorsports excellence. Whether a seasoned race-goer or a first-time visitor, the array of races, practices, and qualifying sessions offers an expansive taste of the racing world.

Additional Race Day Features: NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Competitions

Rounding off the race day schedule, the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series brings additional layers of competition with the Power Stock and Super Late Model division races. These events highlight up-and-coming talents and showcase the robust spirit of short-track racing. Elko Speedway serves as an arena where stars are born and legends carve their legacies, making each event a vital stopping point for motorsports enthusiasts.

Rev Up for the ARCA Menards Series at Elko Speedway

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